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Average Ejaculate Volume

Are your loads normal? Do you wonder if your semen volume is too low? We remove the mystery once and for all and tell you all about average ejaculate volume and give you tips to increase seminal fluid.

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Average Ejaculate Volume

Dry-and not so dry- facts about ejaculation


We are talking about the expulsion of sperm, most likely accompanied by an orgasm. In a first phase, the testicle cords, the seminal vesicles and the prostate contract when expulsing the sperm towards the urethra, which creates a tension in that area. When reaching this point, man can’t turn back anymore and the orgasm will set in.

Let’s face it, you carry IT with you at all times, and yet, you barely know anything about IT. So let me give you a few facts:

Your cum volume is not as large as you think. In average, the fluid of an ejaculation will be about ½ to 1 teaspoon. Translated, it means anywhere between 40 and 600 millions sperms. It sounds tremendous, considering the small amount of fluid erupting from your penis. But if your goal is to procreate, one little sperm is plenty to do the job.

There are as well extreme differences in cum quality. It can be very thin, or very white and thick, but this is really not an issue. It can depend on the frequency of ejaculation, may it be through intercourse or masturbation, health issues, age and even dehydration. The way cum looks is really not relevant.

 But man is much more concerned about how to increase ejaculation. Why is it so important? Well, the longer the ejaculation, the longer the orgasm. And what man would not want to prolong his orgasm?  What man would not want his sexual pleasure heightened? What woman doesn’t want that potent, virile man in her bed?

And yes, girls do identify a virile man by his load, and men find their masculinity confirmed by a more substantial cum volume.

Solutions to increase the ejaculate volume

In recent years, the quest for more ejaculate has increased and many laboratories worldwide a trying to produce natural supplements that will not only promise results, but as well deliver them.

We have known for many years of certain herbs used for centuries. The three leading herbs are Swedish Flower Extract, Horny Goat Weed and Maca root.

The Swedish Flower pollen extract is one of those marvelous natural products beneficial to men and women as an energy booster and it shields the body as well against sickness. However, Swedish Flower extract benefits are really geared towards prostate health. As a wonderful side effect, it can help produce larger volumes of semen as well as sperm, which means longer and more intense orgasms

We need to thank a Chinese goat herder for the discovery of Horny Goat weed. This herder observed his goats displaying increased sexual (horny?) activity after ingesting this weed. The active ingredient of this weed, Epimedium, increases levels of nitric oxide, which in turn, will relax the penile muscle and therefore allow an increase in blood flow.

As to the Maca root, we are visiting yet another continent to the land of the Incas. It has as well another name, the Super Food. Indeed, it has the ability to “give” in many ways. Not only is it a wonderful on the dining table, research has shown that Maca has great effect on mood, energy, anxiety and sexual desire.

And Maca improves semen volume and sperm production and motility.

Other supplements such as Muira Puama and Catuaba decrease the refractory period, or time before you are ready to have sex again.

Do your homework about cum

The world of natural science agrees that Swedish Flower Extract is a powerful ingredient in its own right. To increase your ejaculate, a combination of several ingredients will however be so much more powerful!

When choosing a product to increase your ejaculate volume, be well aware of the ingredients. The list of ingredients will give you a good insight about the quality of the supplements. Read as well consumer reviews, a very good way to learn about a product and how successful the product is – or not. 

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