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Average Ejaculate Volume

Are your loads normal? Do you wonder if your semen volume is too low? We remove the mystery once and for all and tell you all about average ejaculate volume and give you tips to increase seminal fluid.

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Stay Harder Longer: Tips For Maxing Your Volume and Staying Power

You may not have ever considered that the amount of semen you ejaculate upon climax has any sort of significant influence on your sex life. Well, think again! Because the size of your load has everything to do with your sexual health, and how well you are performing in the bedroom. For starters, low levels of seminal fluid can be indicators of lowered testosterone levels - the hormone that makes you a man. And if your testosterone is too low, then you won't be able to stay harder longer in the bedroom.

However, there are methods out there to help you cum more, and increase how powerfully you unleash it. Many of these tactics can be handled at home, in private, and with little to no actual out-of-pocket expense. If you're interested in finding out how you can produce the biggest ejaculations your lover has ever seen, read all about them down below.

Edging For Maximum Ejaculation Power

One great strategy to stay harder longer in bed is a trend called "edging". Lots of people can benefit from edging, and not just those guys who want to blow bigger loads - everyone from premature ejaculation sufferers to tantric sex gods can pull something positive out of edging.

The practice works like this: start stimulating yourself sexually until you feel like you are about to climax - but don't do it! Not yet, anyway. Practice staying right at that level of intense pleasure for as long as you can. Whether it's only a few seconds, several minutes, or up to a full hour, edging teaches you how to stay harder longer by helping you develop a tolerance for that level of sexual excitement without accidentally "arriving early".

Get Larger, More Powerful Loads With Man Kegels

We're sure you've heard of the word "kegels" before - but you probably associate that with something women do, right? Well, men have those exact same muscles in their pelvic girdle, and can exercise them just as easily as women can. Best of all, if you have a very well-developed set of PC muscles (the muscles that the kegel exercise stimulates), you can stop yourself from climaxing too quickly and stay harder longer between the sheets.

To exercise your PC muscle, pay attention the next time you have to urinate. While in mid-stream, flex that pelvic muscle so that your urine stops flowing. That is your PC muscle, and that's what you have to flex in order to perform the exercise correctly. Start with about 25 squeezes per day, flexing as hard as you can for a second or two before releasing. Once you have mastery over your PC muscle, you can flex it at the right moment during climax to ejaculate more than your lover has ever seen!

If you try these strategies and are still unsatisfied with the volume of semen you release per orgasm, don't worry. There's another secret weapon to stay harder longer in bed that most porn stars don't want you to know about. They are called "volume pills", and they can help you maintain a longer, harder erection while naturally helping your body produce 3-5 times its normal semen volume (or more). If you're interested in learning all the facts, stop by our reviews section and figure out how to stay harder longer.

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