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Average Ejaculate Volume

Are your loads normal? Do you wonder if your semen volume is too low? We remove the mystery once and for all and tell you all about average ejaculate volume and give you tips to increase seminal fluid.

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Testosterone and Sperm Production

Testosterone is the powerful hormone which regulates the male body's general and sexual health. It is also responsible for the amount of sperm produced by a man's body, among other factors. Increasing testosterone can lead to better overall health, penile enlargement, enhanced sexual performance and increased sperm volume. There are many factors that control sperm volume, such as heredity, drug and alcohol use, diet and environmental factors. There are also many reasons why increasing testosterone is important for every man. Aside from the sexual benefits, increasing testosterone levels can lead to better athletic and mental performance, an increase in overall energy levels and better physical condition.

Why Increase Sperm Volume?

The most common reasons a man wants to increase sperm volume are to conceive a child more easily and to exhibit a sexual prowess that many associate with more semen volume during ejaculation. The same goes for penile enlargement. A larger, harder erection can lead to more sexual pleasure for both parties, but is also a sign of a healthy reproductive system and is an impressive quality that many partners seek. The average man will ejaculate between 1/2 and 1 teaspoon of semen per climax. For some men, this is not impressive enough, especially if they are also concerned about their penis size. Low sperm volume or difficulty achieving an erection can lead to low self-esteem. Additionally, if you experience difficulty impregnating your partner, it may lead to relationship issues and years of unnecessary high-cost fertility treatments. Increasing testosterone in the body is the quickest, most effective way to increase sperm volume and achieve penile enlargement.

Benefits of Increased Sperm Volume

One of the greatest benefits you will notice when you increase sperm volume is the ability to enjoy longer orgasms. When a man climaxes, the PC muscles contract and semen is expelled from the testicles and travels through the seminal vesicles. Orgasm is extended when you increase sperm volume because you experience more of the pleasurable muscle contractions that your body uses to ejaculate. A larger, stiffer erection will also lead to enhanced orgasm for your partner. Increasing testosterone will also create a more pleasurable experience because you will last longer in bed due to increased physical stamina. When you increase sperm volume and show off your penile enlargement, it's sure to give you a confidence boost and, of course, impress and thrill your partner as well.

Increasing Testosterone for Penile Enlargement

If you wanted to achieve penile enlargement without increasing testosterone, you would have to resort to dangerous surgeries or painful pumps, both of which can lead to permanent injury and neither of which is going to increase sperm volume. There are many techniques for increasing testosterone levels, such as adjusting your diet, minimizing the use of alcohol and drugs, and even using expensive testosterone therapies. However, some of the clinical testosterone therapies can actually lower sperm volume if they are not received well by the body. To achieve the full benefits of increasing testosterone levels, the best option is to stimulate natural production of the hormone within your body.

One of the most effective methods to increase sperm count and achieve the penile enlargement you desire is through the use of testosterone supplements. Testosterone supplements also contain minerals, amino acids and other compounds that will contribute to penile enlargement and overall health. One of the top reasons to take testosterone supplements for penile enlargement or to increase sperm volume is the fast results you will get with the right combination of ingredients.

Testosterone-Increasing Ingredients

The most well-known substances for increasing testosterone include amino acids which can be consumed in foods like eggs, milk or red meat, and by taking supplements. It can be very difficult to get enough of these compounds in your daily diet to achieve results like penile enlargement and an increase in sperm volume. The ingredients you should look for in testosterone pills are L-Carnitine, known for increasing testosterone production; L-Arginine, used to increase blood flow to the penis for increased erection size and more sexual stamina; and L-Lysine, which, when combined with zinc, is proven to increase sperm volume and vitality. Other minerals and compounds which will increase sperm volume are vitamin E and Selenium, which can also enhance sperm speed and improve semen consistency. Additionally, natural plants and herbs like Catuaba Bark and Horny Goat Weed are widely popular among testosterone supplements due to their effects on everything from libido and sperm volume to penile enlargement and increased blood flow. With the use of these ingredients for increasing testosterone levels, you will notice longer, harder erections, more energy in bed, a healthier libido, and longer orgasms.

Increasing testosterone will lead to penile enlargement and increase sperm volume faster and more effectively than any other method. Even if your only goal is to increase sperm volume for the purpose of procreation, the additional penile enlargement you notice due to increasing testosterone levels will amaze you and your partner certainly won't complain about the additional benefits! The link between increasing testosterone and improved sexual health is long-documented, and the rewards you will receive are numerous. Learn more.

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