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A History of "The Money Shot"

The "money shot", or the climactic part of an adult video in which a male actor ejaculates profusely upon his willing and enthusiastic partner, has been a cornerstone of the pornographic film industry for over 40 years. But where did the idea come from? And why is it so popular? Below, we'll get into a little bit of the history surrounding the notorious money shot, as well as some academic theories as to why it has remained one of the most popular staples in the industry for nearly half a century.

Going Deep with the Money Shot

Back in 1972, the world-renown "Deep Throat" made its debut in the adult film world. While it was not necessarily the first time an ejaculation had been captured on camera, it was one of the first instances in which an adult film really focused on the male actor's climax as the culminating part of the narrative. It was around this time that "hard core" pornography began to rise in popularity, too. It's hard to say whether the money shot led to the mass consumption of the racier and less censored hard core genre, or whether the growth in XXX popularity paved the way for money shots to become the norm. All we really know for sure is that the inception of the money shot changed the landscape of porn as we know it today.

Does the Money Shot Make Men More Sexually Competitive?

Evolutionary psychology, despite its methodological flaws, provides many of the theories from which we draw our present-day understanding of human sexuality. And one of the "EvoPsych" theories behind the money shot is the idea of something called "competition cues".

A 2005 study by Kilgallon and Simmons discovered that young adult men produced more sexually potent sperm after masturbating to porn which featured multiple male actors and one lone female. Those in the control group who self-pleasured to lesbian porn did not produce the enthusiastic little swimmers that those in the first group did.

The explanation behind the study's findings goes a little something like this: biologically, an aroused male who sees a sexually receptive female mating with other men, i.e. his competition, secretly wants to be the reproductive winner who successfully impregnates her and passes his genes along to the next generation. In order to achieve this endeavor, his brain sends an emergency signal (the "cue") to his testes, which in turn ignites a fire of male hormone production, resulting in more fertile semen.

Is the Money Shot Proof of Authentic Orgasms?

Those who aren't as quick to buy into the EvoPsych theory believe that the money shot has more to do with the viewer's desire for authenticity than biological competition. There is virtually no way to "prove" that the actresses are achieving their purported orgasms; however, watching the male sexual protagonist ejaculate an impossibly large load of semen all over her face leaves very little room for skepticism.

Is the Money Shot the Modern Version of "Marking One's Territory?"

A recent trend in the amateur pornography circuit involves men uploading self-filmed videos of themselves climaxing all over a still photo of a coveted female figure - whether it's a famous actress, or someone the person is (or was) romantically involved with.

Some argue that the acceptance on behalf of the female partner adds a degree of intimacy and desire to the process. After all, the idea of messily climaxing all over an unwilling and/or squeamish partner certainly steals a lot of thunder out of the moment. But producing a substantial ejaculate for a willing and enthusiastic lover is an exceptionally enjoyable experience which most men crave.

How to Bring the Money Shot into Your Own Bedroom

At the end of the day, determining why the money shot is so popular doesn't change anything. Men love shooting big loads. Most women love getting drenched by them. Everyone is happier in the bedroom when a man can show off with a substantial climax.

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