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Are your loads normal? Do you wonder if your semen volume is too low? We remove the mystery once and for all and tell you all about average ejaculate volume and give you tips to increase seminal fluid.

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Herbs for Increased Semen Volume

Depending on who you are, you might not be aware that you need to increase semen production. Not producing enough semen might seem like a trivial problem, but depending on the severity of the condition, it could actually be a serious reflection of a very real male health concern. At the very least, it can be a sign that your sex life could be exponentially better than it is right now.

Those few men out there who don't need to increase semen production are probably producing large amounts of testosterone, get plenty of sleep, and have an excellent diet. Proper hydration levels are also important when it comes to making sure you can increase semen production. Unfortunately, the rigorous day-to-day demands on most men sometimes hinder their ability to take care of their bodies as well as they should.

Additionally, even if your testosterone levels and diet are relatively healthy, men who need to increase semen production might not be having the best possible sex life that they could. Signs of this include long refractory periods (where you have to wait several hours – or up to a full day – between orgasms), a mild/unsatisfying climax, softer erections, and a decreased libido or outright lack of sexual drive altogether.

To improve these symptoms and increase semen volume, you might want to look into supplementing your regimen with a semen enhancing pill. But in order to get the best results, you need to find the right product which is produced by a reputable company and contains quality herbal ingredients. Why herbal? Because your body is more easily able to metabolize and utilize natural botanical extracts than it is harsh, unnatural pharmaceutical chemicals. And they are healthier for you over the long-term, with fewer side effects (if any).

Semen Enhancing Herbs Every Man Should Know About

So what herbs should you be looking for in a natural semen enhancing pill in order to increase seminal fluid? There are several, actually – enough to write a book about! But for the sake of brevity, we're only covering the most important ones here in this article.

It should also be mentioned that, in addition to semen enhancing herbs and botanical extracts, there are several essential semen enhancing vitamins and minerals that can help any man increase semen production. Most of these you can get naturally through your normal diet, but sometimes we don't eat as healthy as we should. In these instances, deficiencies in these minerals and vitamins can easily occur, making it difficult to increase semen production. Check below to make sure you are consuming the right botanicals and minerals for maximum semen enhancing ability.

Horny Goat Weed:

In case the "horny" part didn't give it away, the potent extracts from this plant are excellent for improving male sexual health and causing increase semen production. The botanical elements work with your system to help you produce more testosterone, which increases your sex drive and gives you more energy between the sheets.


This is one of the most important nutrients for semen enhancement, as well as overall male fertility and sexual health. Deficiencies in zinc can lead to prostate problems and an insufficient sperm count, among other things. Foods rich in zinc include red meats, such as beef and lamb. Other semen enhancing, zinc-rich foods include seeds (sesame, pumpkin, etc.) and beans.


This South American botanical is another plant which can help your body improve its sexual health. Its semen enhancing properties will pump up the volume of your loads and even go as far as to increase sperm motility.

How Semen Enhancing Herbs Can Increase Semen Production

Semen enhancing herbs increase semen production, for the most part, in one very important way: by triggering your body to produce more of what makes you manly. The more testosterone (the male sex hormone) that you produce, the more semen your body will create.

This effect happens because your body is assuming that the presence of increased testosterone in your blood stream means that you are going to be having a lot of sex in the near future, and wants to increase semen production in order to be prepared for it. Some of the positive side effects of this process, in addition to an increase semen production, are harder erections, intensely pleasurable orgasms, and a higher sex drive with shorter refractory periods between each climax!

As we mentioned previously, some men simply don't get enough of the semen enhancing nutrients required to increase semen production. Instead, these men take semen enhancing supplements or "volume pills". We recommend you shop around and read plenty of product reviews to ensure that you choose the best semen volume enhancer available. Click here to check out our reviews!

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