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Can Testosterone Supplements Increase Sperm Count?

A high sperm count is a sign of high testosterone levels and a healthy reproductive system. Likewise, a healthy reproductive system leads to a pleasurable and successful sex life. Male enhancement and ways to increase sperm count are concerns that men of all ages and ethnicities can relate with. While the average man's sperm count is between 40-60 million sperm per ejaculation, many men have a significantly lower sperm count. If this is the result of low testosterone, these men may also suffer from decreased sexual desire and performance. Worse than that, a low sperm count can make it difficult to conceive when a man is trying to impregnate a woman. Many couples spend years trying to have a child without success due to the man's inability to produce enough sperm. This can be due to several factors, including genetics, diet, overall health, environment, and even the use of drugs and alcohol. Many men don't realize that as few as two alcoholic beverages a day will increase estrogen levels in the body, lowering testosterone and sperm count in the process. Even wearing tight underwear can lower sperm count due to increased heat around the testicles! For this reason, many men are left wondering how they can achieve penis enhancement and increase sperm count.

Why Increase Sperm Count?

A man may wish to increase his sperm count for many reasons. Some men are simply looking for penis enhancement. Increased sperm count in the key to achieving longer orgasm and improving sexual prowess. Others wish to increase male fertility and improve their partner's ability to conceive. While there are many ways and means to help increase sperm count, genetically-linked low testosterone can still stand in the way.

Why Use Testosterone Supplements?

One of the most effective methods to increase sperm count and achieve the sexual enhancement you desire is through the use of testosterone supplements. Higher testosterone levels are proven to increase sperm count, heighten libido and sexual stamina, and promote a larger, harder erection. Testosterone supplements also typically contain minerals, amino acids and other compounds that will contribute to penis enhancement and overall health.

If you attempted to achieve penis enhancement without testosterone supplementation, you would need to dedicate a lot of time and money without any guarantee of success. Any results you do get will take a long time to become apparent. Some recommendations to increase sperm count include changing your diet, minimizing alcohol consumption, avoiding smoking cigarettes or marijuana and eliminating tight-fitting clothing. Even after following all of this advice, testosterone supplementation may be the only way to increase sperm count if you have hereditary low testosterone.

Testosterone Supplements for Male Enhancement

One of the top reasons to take testosterone supplements for penis enhancement is the fast results you will get with the right combination of ingredients. There are several well-known substances which increase sperm count and offer sexual health benefits. It can be difficult to get enough of these compounds in your daily diet to sustain a healthy reproductive system, let alone increase sperm count. That's why it is especially important to select testosterone supplements that contain the best known natural compounds for penis enhancement.

Some of the most renowned ingredients in testosterone pills are amino acids. You should look for testosterone supplements which contain L-Carnitine, L-Arginine and L-Lysine. Another essential ingredient to look for is zinc, a mineral which plays a key role in sperm production and motility. Ingredients like Catuaba Bark and Horny Goat Weed can help to enhance erection size and libido, helping you to feel more confident and providing additional penis enhancement.

Benefits of Testosterone Supplements

The use of these ingredients in testosterone supplements will not only increase sperm count, but provide overall sexual enhancement as well. You will notice longer, harder erections, more energy in bed, a healthier libido, and longer orgasms. Increased sperm count and semen volume extends the duration and intensity of an orgasm by increasing the length of muscle contractions required for ejaculation. For some men, the increase of semen production and penis enhancement will lead to more confidence in bed and a higher sex drive. Testosterone supplements which provide penis enhancement will also lead to more pleasurable sexual experiences for your partner as well by increasing your sexual endurance and libido.

Even if your only goal is to increase sperm count in order to conceive a baby, the additional penis enhancement you receive by taking testosterone supplements will amaze you and your partner certainly won't complain about your healthy sexual appetite. In conclusion, testosterone supplements will absolutely help you increase your sperm count, whatever the reasoning behind your desire. For the top products, click here.

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