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Average Ejaculate Volume

Are your loads normal? Do you wonder if your semen volume is too low? We remove the mystery once and for all and tell you all about average ejaculate volume and give you tips to increase seminal fluid.

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Volume Pills for Increased Ejaculation

Most men don't know how important their semen load is. Yes, you read that correctly: the size of your semen load is very, very important. As a man, you may have already known this on an instinctual level. There's a very good reason that evolution has developed your brain to focus on the size of your semen load: not only is it sexually exciting to blow large semen loads all over your partner, but a larger semen load makes sex more physically pleasurable for you as a male.

Additionally, your overall semen load and semen volume are essential indicators of male health. It is no coincidence that low semen volume levels are directly linked to unhealthy habits such as poor sleep, improper diet, lower testosterone levels, and a depreciating sex drive. Granted, every man has a restless night or a fast food meal now and again. But if these habits are chronic, they can build up in your system and begin to affect your overall sexual health; it can even decrease your overall semen volume.

If you've been experiencing some of the signs of an insufficient semen load, keep reading. Some of the more common signs are: lack of energy/endurance in the bedroom, softer erections, mild orgasms, little/no sex drive, and, of course, small and watery semen load. This article contains valuable advice for men to improve their overall sexual health and dramatically increase semen volume.

Why Increase Semen Volume?

First and foremost: to improve your overall masculine health. The measure of your semen volume may seem like a superficial concern, but as discussed above, it is an important indicator of how healthy your reproductive system is. Chronic neglect of your health can eventually lead to sexual dysfunction over time. But by improving your health habits, or even incorporating some ejaculate volume pills into your regimen, you can significantly improve your semen load and boost your male sexual health by leaps and bounds.

Additionally, the act of increasing your semen load and semen volume will make sex 15x-20x more pleasurable for you in the bedroom. The male orgasm is a simple process with one practical purpose: to inject a fertile lover with as large of a semen load as quickly as possible. And if your semen volume is so low that you only have a few drops to trickle out, your pelvic muscles aren't going to work very hard to send your swimmers down the pipe. But if you increase your semen volume by a factor of 10 or more through healthier habits or ejaculate volume pills, your muscles are going to have to push hard and fast in order to get it all out. And that level of orgasmic intensity will increase accordingly.

Producing a larger semen load has other sexual health benefits as well. If your semen volume increases due to higher testosterone production -- which isn't uncommon with ejaculate volume pills -- it will quickly and dramatically enhance your flagging sexual libido. Your endurance will also be on the rise, and your "rebound time" between orgasms will become dramatically reduced.

Another lesser-known benefit of increased semen volume is the enhanced sexual excitement your lover will experience when seeing you explode with orgasmic ecstasy. They may not talk about it as openly as they would like to, but make no mistake - both women and men alike love to see a large semen load!

Ejaculate Volume Pills - Pros & Cons

As mentioned previously, there are simple health and lifestyle changes -- such as a healthier diet, more exercise, and better sleep - that you can incorporate into your daily life in order to increase your volume. But to ensure that your body is getting exactly what it needs to increase its semen load, many men have begun taking ejaculate volume pills.

How do ejaculate volume pills work, you ask? It's simple: ejaculate volume pills are a natural, healthy supplement made up of minerals and nutrients your body needs to produce the largest semen volume possible. With ejaculate volume pills, your semen load will increase dramatically within a matter of weeks. Some happy customers even report a doubling of their semen volume in a week or less. And, of course, ejaculate volume pills will give you all of the sexual health benefits associated with maximum semen volume.

Because ejaculate volume pills are one of the hottest new items in the male enhancement market, there are dozens of different ejaculate volume pills on the market today. Knowing the difference between high quality ejaculate volume pills and rip-off ejaculate volume pills is not only important for your health, but for your wallet. Be sure to read product reviews before you choose which ejaculate volume pill is right for you. Click here.

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