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How Long is Your Refractory Period?

For many men, the most frustrating part of sex isn't trying to get her into bed; it's when you've finished and she's still raring to go. Right after your orgasm, your erection goes soft and you lose all desire and ability to keep going at it. For some men, the post-coital calm even lulls them to sleep. It can take some time before you're ready to go again and you have your refractory period to blame.

The Frustration of the Refractory Period

Scientifically, the refractory period is the frustrating time between when you orgasm and when you can get another erection. The refractory period is caused by a fluctuation in hormone levels following ejaculation. During this period of time, you are completely incapable of having an orgasm. All the blood drains away from your spent erection. Any attempts by your partner to get blood flowing back into your hypersensitive penis are uncomfortable to say the least and can be downright painful. Any interest in sex you had appears to be gone and some unfortunate men want nothing more than to sleep, even as their partners sulk.

The length of this refractory period varies from man to man, with some men taking 15 minutes while others may take as long as 24 hours. This is one of the reasons why if you jerk off in the morning, you have no interest in your partner later that night. Men with shorter refractory times are "ready for round two sooner" and some are even lucky enough to have multiple consecutive orgasms. But how do they do it?

Methods to Reduce Refractory Period

There are several ways to go about reducing your refractory period. A quick search turns up dozens of websites boasting to know the trick to getting back in the game. The most common methods are through exercises or supplements.

The easiest way to reduce your refractory period is through erection training. Many of these erection training exercises have their roots in Taoist theory or tantric sex and require you to delay orgasm in order to last longer. This method begins by having you stimulate yourself until you achieve an erection and requires you to try to stay erect as long as possible before climaxing. Once you have mastered extending the length of time in which you can remain erect, you need to practice masturbating until just before you are ready to orgasm and then stopping until the intense sensation has passed. This is known as edging.

Over time, training your body to stay erect longer and delay orgasm can help shorten your refractory period. Practitioners of tantric sex can also condition themselves to orgasm without ejaculating, enabling themselves to have multiple pleasurable orgasms without losing their erection.

Semen Supplements for Shortening Your Refractory Period

If you're looking for something easier to do than erection training exercises, you can always use semen supplements to reduce your refractory period. Although these 'volume pills', as they are typically marketed, are intended to increase semen volume and intensify your orgasm, they also help to get you ready for round two faster.

Look for products that contain L-Arginine, catuaba bark and muira puama, as these are three of the most effective ingredients for reducing the length of your refractory period. L-arginine stimulates vasodilation, boosting blood flow to the penis to get you erect again, while catuaba bark and muira puama increase testosterone levels, reversing the change in hormone levels to make you ready to go again. These ingredients work best when taken together so make sure the product you pick contains all three.  Be sure to read product reviews before picking a supplement for best results.

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