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Average Ejaculate Volume

Are your loads normal? Do you wonder if your semen volume is too low? We remove the mystery once and for all and tell you all about average ejaculate volume and give you tips to increase seminal fluid.

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How To Increase Sperm Motility: The Importance of Healthy Sperm and Thick Ejaculations

The idea of "sperm motility" might be a foreign concept for some, but knowing how to increase sperm motility is a very important male health issue which most men neglect to address. If your little swimmers can barely manage to doggie-paddle, then that can be a sign of a much larger health issue which needs to be dealt with in order to have a thriving sex life.

The connection between your overall health and how to increase sperm motility is linked to your hormones. Lackadaisical sperm are often a sign that your body isn't producing enough testosterone and other essential male hormones. If you've noticed a lack of energy lately, especially in the bedroom, then you may be suffering from a hormone deficiency.

Sexual Benefits of Enhanced Fertility

Luckily, there are very simple solutions to such problems right at your fingertips. The male enhancement supplement industry isn't all about erection pills; there are supplements on the market called "volume pills" which, among other things, can help you solve the problem of how to increase sperm motility.

Volume pills are designed to give men a whole host of sexual benefits, especially when it comes to increasing the volume of your ejaculate fluid. Believe it or not, this very simple change can yield huge returns in the bedroom. For one, blowing a larger load forces your pelvic muscles to work harder when you climax, which makes your orgasms longer and much more intense. Furthermore, men with larger amounts of ejaculate tend to produce more testosterone, which can help out with regards to stamina and maintaining larger, stronger erections. Click here for more information about testosterone supplements.

Simple Steps For Increasing Motility

The obvious advice is to make sure you maintain a healthy diet and exercise routine. Work out at least three times per week, and make sure your regimen includes a good balance of cardio and weight resistance exercises. Also, stop by your local farmer's market and stock up on the fruits and veggies - especially celery. This tangy vegetable gets a ringing endorsement from legendary porn star and master of the cum shot, Peter North. The significant moisture content of celery helps hydrate you, and being well hydrated is great for producing higher volumes of seminal fluid.

Of course, not all men can maintain a clean diet and perfect exercise routine. Life gets in the way sometimes. But there is an answer to this problem too - volume pills. There are many different high quality pills on the market today that can balance your hormone levels, help you with solving that pesky how to increase sperm motility problem, and give you that extra boost of energy in bed to really please your lover. Plus, your own personal satisfaction will increase when you start climaxing hard enough to leave protein stains all the way over on the other side of the room.

Our reviews section has a comprehensive list of the best volume pills available from reliable manufacturers. Click here to compare and choose the supplement that's right for you!

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