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Average Ejaculate Volume

Are your loads normal? Do you wonder if your semen volume is too low? We remove the mystery once and for all and tell you all about average ejaculate volume and give you tips to increase seminal fluid.

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Increase Semen Volume

To increase semen volume and you will need to do two things:

  1. Increase your own sexual pleasure. The more volume that you ejaculate the longer it takes. The longer it takes, the bigger your orgasm. Bigger orgasm equals a lot more fun.
  2. Be a stud. Nothing will get you remembered more than wrapping your special lady up in semen like Spider Man going after the bad guys.

The crazy thing is that you could be increasing your volume while you read this with hardly any effort.

Increase Semen Volume by Exercise

This does not require a gym membership, Kegel exercises are the key. For decades, it has been known that women can increase their sexual pleasure by exercising their pubococcygeus (PC) muscles. You won't find a bench to work out these muscles in the weight room, just the bathroom. To find where these muscles are at and how to exercise them, take a leak and in the middle of your business, stop the flow of urine. Those are your PC muscles. Once you have located them, work them out like a champ. You can do this every time you use the restroom by stopping the flow of urine and holding it. Just like any other exercise, the longer you hold it, the stronger they'll get. You don't need to wait to pee to work these muscles out, you can do the same thing at work, at dinner, or watching TV. You want your goal to be where you are able to tighten these muscles for several minutes. By doing these exercises, you will be increasing the strength of your load, and your distance...accuracy is on you.

Foods to Increase Semen Production

Just like a factory needs more raw materials to increase output, you are going to need more raw materials to increase semen production. There are three basic components that you will need to up your game:

  1. Water. This isn't just to keep you from cramping up right before you climax. Those swimmers need something to swim in, so to increase your semen production you are going to want to drink at least five glasses of water (40 ounces) a day. You are also going to want to increase the amount of food you consume that has high water content. High water content foods are mainly fresh fruits and vegetables; although I recommend iceberg lettuce and celery because they pack a couple of other key ingredients that will help you call in the heavy artillery.
  2. Zinc. You are also going to need to eat the foods that will deliver the materials to make sperm. More sperm equals more semen. Nuts, red meats, seeds, and chicken are all great sources for protein and zinc, although the best source for zinc and protein will be oysters. In fact, oysters have over 10 times the amount of zinc than the next best source - red meat. Try them on the half shell with hot sauce.
  3. Protein. The good news is that the protein you will need to increase semen production will come from many of the same sources as zinc. But be careful, many of these foods have a high fat content (albeit, the good natural fats). You might want to burn through the calories by running through a couple of sets of Kegels so that your lady love doesn't get turned off by a spare tire.

Take a Knee and Reload

A gun with no ammo doesn't shoot. You work the same way. It takes time for your body to build more seminal fluid and sperm, so you are going to need time between ejaculations to increase your semen volume. The good news is that you only need a day or two to build up a healthy load. Just make sure that you are not badgering the witness (i.e. masturbating) on the side.

Increase Semen Volume by Edging

Edging occurs when you stop just before your orgasm and allow yourself time to calm down before you proceed (this is also where your Kegels will come in handy). In high school, you might have heard this called the pull-and-pray method. This is also called peaking, the stop-start method, or surfing. By practicing this method, you will increase your longevity to the benefit of both you and your partner. By doing this, you are also conditioning your body to deliver more semen. Some even believe that edging allows pressure to build up so that when you climax, you can go for more distance.

Increase Semen Volume by Supplements

Not everyone has time to run to the store and carefully select raw oysters or to bake a chicken in the oven. Likewise, munching on stalks of celery might not be the most appealing snack. The good news is that supplements are available that will fill the gaps in your diet to help ensure that your next time will be memorable for both you and your partner. Click here to learn more.

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