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Average Ejaculate Volume

Are your loads normal? Do you wonder if your semen volume is too low? We remove the mystery once and for all and tell you all about average ejaculate volume and give you tips to increase seminal fluid.

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Tips On How To Increase Male Stamina

Are you wondering about how to increase male stamina during sex? Well, wonder no more. We’ve compiled a report on the best strategies for making sure you can go the distance with your lover. Surprisingly, those strategies are focused on something that most men have never considered before. You see, sexologists have recently made a ground-breaking discovery involving semen. Although it may sound unusual, it turns out that producing larger, thicker loads of seminal fluid when you ejaculate has a direct correlation to whether or not you have the staying power necessary to please your partner.

It all has to do with testosterone. Studies show that lower than normal levels of testosterone in a man’s body can lead to many unpleasant symptoms, such as low sex drive, lack of stamina, and insufficient quantities of semen upon climax. But there are many ways to reverse the effects of low testosterone and learn how to increase your stamina. Learn about testosterone supplements.

Edging, Stamina, and Larger Loads

One way to learn how to increase male stamina is by practicing a technique called “edging”. Edging is a way of mentally conditioning yourself to endure sexual pleasure without giving in to your climactic urges. The technique is very simple – all you have to do is stimulate your member to the point where you feel like you’re about to have an orgasm, but not actually climaxing at that point. Just stay there, right on the edge, and practice holding yourself at that point for as long as possible.

It may seem impossible, but over time you will build up a sort of tolerance for this level of sexual stimulation. That tolerance, when utilized properly, will help you last for several minutes (or even hours) longer than you normally would while making love. It will also help stimulate the natural production of testosterone in your body, which will lead to more pleasurable sex and larger semen loads!

Man Kegels: Increase Your Stamina and Your Orgasm Intensity

Kegels aren’t just for women anymore. You have those exact same muscles in your body too – they’re the ones you flex whenever you use the bathroom. Having strong pelvic muscles is important if you want to learn how to increase your sexual stamina. A well-developed PC muscle can help you hold back a premature climax as well as intensify both your orgasm, and how explosive your ejaculation is.

Kegels are great because you can practice them anytime, anywhere – nobody can see you do it. You might even want to try them in bed the next time you have sex and observe the benefits directly. Start out with about 20-25 reps per day. Squeeze the muscle for a second, then release. Before you know it, you’ll be well on your way to having complete mastery over the intensity if your orgasms, as well as increasing the size of your loads!

In addition to edging and man-kegels, there is one additional method you could try – invest your money in a high-quality “volume pill”. Volume pills are essentially male enhancement supplements which are choc-full of amino acids, natural botanicals, and vitamins. They are formulated to dramatically increase seminal fluid production, enhance virility, and are one of the most dependable methods for how to increase male stamina. If you’re interested in learning more about the best volume pills on the market, click over to our reviews section for more information.

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