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Average Ejaculate Volume

Are your loads normal? Do you wonder if your semen volume is too low? We remove the mystery once and for all and tell you all about average ejaculate volume and give you tips to increase seminal fluid.

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Why Men Like Bigger Loads

It should come as no surprise that the existence of porn is probably the main cause of penis envy in the world today. Most movies, even the amateur clips, feature well-endowed men who ejaculate more semen than most people believe possible. These clear visual signals of increased virility and increased fertility trigger feelings of desire and excitement within the human brain - which is why such videos sell so well!

But there are very real (and even medical) reasons why you should be interested in learning how to ejaculate more. When you ejaculate more semen, your climaxes will become noticeably more intense and more pleasurable. Plus, the process of producing more semen and ejaculating more means that your body is gearing up for a more frequent and active sex life; and this increased virility (as well as increased fertility) is a shining example of exemplary male health.

The Appeal of Men Who Ejaculate More

Men who ejaculate more are the envy of their peers and highly desirable by potential mates, plain and simple. And it all boils down to one thing: your testosterone levels. The more testosterone you have, the more semen your body will make, leading you to ejaculate more. Also, those men who have high testosterone show clear signs of increased fertility, which is subconsciously more attractive to females, and increased virility, which is consciously more attractive to females - especially those women who want a sexual dynamo in the bedroom who can ejaculate more than their previous lackluster lovers.

Women may deny it, but they want to see you ejaculate more semen and shoot off a massive load just as much as you do. It is not uncommon for men who ejaculate more semen to have a greater number of sexual partners, and for those partners to report a higher level of satisfaction with their sex lives.

More Semen Is Better Semen

The more semen you have, the less concerned you have to be about your sexual health. Abnormally low levels of testosterone can create a whole host of negative effects within the male body. You can lose muscle tone, suffer from chronic fatigue, have trouble maintaining an erection, and see your sex drive disappear completely. It can even lead to infertility.

But if you are producing healthy levels of testosterone, or healthy levels and then some, there will be several signs besides just ejaculating more semen than your favorite male porn star. And several of those benefits are described below.

Increased Semen Production, Increased Virility

The dictionary describes the word "virility" as being nearly synonymous with "manliness" -- meaning that it is associated with strength and a high sex drive. And producing more semen will do exactly that, especially with regard to an enhanced sex life and increased fertility.

Men with increased virility enjoy several benefits in the bedroom that ordinary men don't. Possessing increased virility will greatly enhance your overall sex drive and how frequently you desire sex. In addition, increased virility will shorten your "refractory period" so that you can have sex more often and orgasm more frequently also. And it goes without saying that your lover will naturally respond to signs of increased virility. Whether you have one special partner you're eager to please, or you're a bachelor on the prowl, exhibiting clear indicators of increased virility will pay dividends for you in the bedroom.

Increased Fertility With More Semen

Men who ejaculate more, volume-wise, also tend to have increased fertility over those who only have a few drops that spill out upon climax. The more testosterone your body makes, the more (and healthier) sperm it will produce as a side effect of increased fertility. And although sperm is only a small part of total semen volume, in order to do its job, each little swimmer needs a certain amount of ejaculate to swim in. Therefore, natural increased fertility will lead men to ejaculate more.

If you want increased fertility, increased virility, and your ability to ejaculate more, there are several things you can do. Proper diet and exercise are essential, and can be accomplished at a relatively low cost from home. But if you are still struggling to ejaculate more, you might want to think about supplementing your regimen with volume pills. These natural supplements help men just like you experience increased fertility, increased virility, and produce more semen than they ever thought possible. They can also improve your orgasms five-fold! For more information, do some research and read some volume pill reviews. You'll be glad you did!

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