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Average Ejaculate Volume

Are your loads normal? Do you wonder if your semen volume is too low? We remove the mystery once and for all and tell you all about average ejaculate volume and give you tips to increase seminal fluid.

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What are the ropes?

Ever heard of the “Ropes”? No, I’m not talking about something you find at the hardware store; I am talking about a slang word for strands of semen- with a little imagination, you might see the association. Ropes happen when you have more semen inside your body, since that will encourage stronger ejaculation. How can you get to the point where you’re “shooting ropes”? Find out more here.

Show me the Ropes!

Of course, nutrition plays a big role in quality as well as volume of ejaculation. Most people have heard about how oysters can increase amounts of ejaculate, but they may not know that nuts, red meats, seeds, and turkey are also great ways to increase semen amounts. What do these foods have in common? They all contain high levels of protein and zinc, which are well-known as two of the major building blocks of semen. Another major component of semen production is folic acid, which promotes the quality of semen. Folic Acid can be found in asparagus, broccoli and citrus fruits. Amino acids found in foods like poultry, tuna or eggs increase the volume of semen fluid. Lastly, tomatoes and guava contain lycopene, which is essential for good thick semen.

Supplements for The Ropes

Let’s talk about semen enhancing supplements. There are many semen volume enhancers on the market today, so it can be hard to determine which supplement is the best for increasing semen production. Here are a few ingredients to look out for when purchasing a supplement:

  • Swedish Flower Pollen Extract is one of nature’s most important ingredients for the treatment of prostate issues. It can also help your body produce a greater volume of semen and sperm. The more volume, the longer the orgasm, the more pleasure.
  • According to fable, Horny Goat Weed was discovered by a goat herder in far China. He noticed that his goats became extremely horny after ingesting this weed. Icariin, the contained in this weed increases the nitric oxide levels, which in turn relaxes the penile tissue. This means a greater blood flow to the penis.
  • L-Arginine, is an amino acid that works to enlarge blood vessels (this is called a vasodilation in medical terms). This will help improve the quantity and quality of your erections.
A good product will address the volume of ejaculation as well as the strength of the ejaculation. This is key for better orgasms, which will help you produce “the ropes”. So do your research, read our product reviews, compare and “rope in” someone.
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